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See how much you can save!

Mateys DVDThis DVD will teach you how to drain down every system in your house in an easy to understand, jargon free drain down guide.(once the water is drained from the system, you cannot flood your house!). You will then learn how to complete the simple, everyday plumbing jobs in an easy to understand manner. Each job is carried out by a former British Gas engineer and covers every minor detail. We have not included any difficult jobs that are best left to the professionals.

The table below shows all the jobs covered on the DVD and the prices you can expect to be charged for some of these jobs:

Job Reason for job Cost

Replace a tap washer
Unblock waste pipes
Exchange a stop cock
Replace a ball valve
Change radiator valves

Replace taps
Repair leaking pipework
Fit scale reducer
Exchange washing machine/dishwasher valves
Change radiator
Call out charge

Dripping tap ( save money and energy)
Blocked sink etc. (standard blockage)
Ceased up (unable to shut off water in emergency)
Water poring out of overflow
Ceased up ( unable to turn on radiator) or leaking (based on changing 6 TRV's)
Give bathroom/ kitchen new look
Improve water quality in hard water areas
Ceased up/leaking

Leaking/new look
Any problem




Information sourced from

Matey's Basic Plumbing costs just £14.99, so if you were to complete just one of the cheapest jobs like changing a tap washer, you would still save yourself £40.01.

Testimonial from Plumbworld
"We are approached all the time to sell new products including several "how to" Plumbing DVD's. Matey's Basic Plumbing is the first DVD product we have agreed to stock.

The content is comprehensive and well explained and the video production is very professional. We are happy to recommend "Matey's Basic Plumbing" to anyone wanting to carry out plumbing tasks around the home. It costs far less than an hours time from a plumber (if you can even find a plumber!) and after watching it you could easily save yourself hundreds of pounds a year."

The UK's largest independent retailer of plumbing and bathroom products. 

Screenshot of video clip
Screenshot of video clip
"Use the easy to understand diagrams combined with the simple demonstrations
to help you drain down each system in your own home."

Click here to view the video clip >>

Click the following links to
download the video clip (.wmv)
Broadband Video (2mb)

Dial-up Video (1mb)

Click here to view the video clip >>

Click the following links to
download the video clip (.wmv)
Broadband Video (2mb)
Dial-up Video (1mb)

5 causes for concern

Many people believe that they could complete simple plumbing jobs for themselves if only they could see how these jobs were carried out.


And when you consider the following 5 facts, it is no surprise that some people are already attempting the basic jobs themselves;

  • £130 an hour
    Which? Magazine recently carried out a survey on the prices that plumbers were charging and the results showed that the public were being charged up to £130 an hour, for the simplest of jobs.

  • Shoddy work to be expected
    An article in the Telegraph reported that the plumbing industry has been saturated with new plumbers and expects a rise in shoddy work as new trainees start up in business.

  • Plumbing courses "seriously flawed"
    The Chief executive of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors is reported to have said that the two week fast track plumbing courses are "seriously flawed".

  • 2012 Olympic construction
    The CITB predict that 24,000 tradesmen and women will be needed to complete the construction of the many sites for the Olympics.

  • Paying people who know little more than yourselves
    When you consider all these facts, it seems like you will soon be paying large fees to people who know little more than yourselves for simple jobs.

Screenshot of video clip
Once you have learnt how to drain down each system, you will be amazed at how easily you can complete jobs that you thought only plumbers could carry out.
Screenshot of video clip
"You can learn how to complete the simplest of jobs, without having to understand confusing plumbing phrases. Every step is described to you in plain English."

Click here to view the video clip >>

Click the following links to
download the video clip (.wmv)
Broadband Video (3mb)     
Dial-up Video (1.5mb)

Click here to view the video clip >>

Click the following links to
download the video clip (.wmv)
Broadband Video (5mb)     
Dial-up Video (2.5mb)

We are so confident that you will save time and money, we are offering a free 14 day money back guarantee.

So if you want peace of mind when go bed tonight, order your copy now for the special summer price of only £14.99.

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Click here to go to the Order Page
and get your DVD today.


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Please view our disclaimer / returns information page for important information regarding our products, including returns policy and all legal requirements.

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